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                  e-ISSN 2300-6633 


Polish Navigation Forum

Annual of Navigation No 24


Gdynia 2017



Instytut Nawigacji i Hydrografii Morskiej
Akademia Marynarki Wojennej
ul. Śmidowicza 69
81-103 Gdynia

CONTENTS (in progress)

Drapella A., Morgaś W.
Computational and Satistical Apects of Determining Ship's Position                                                 5

Welker E., Reda J., Pałka A.
Magnetic Repeat Station Network on The Baltic Sea - Why So Needed?                                         19

Łyszkowicz A., Bernatowicz A.
Current State of Art of Satellite Altimetry                                                                                            31

Matuszewski J., Grzywacz W.
Application of Discrete Cross-correlation Function for Observational-comparative
Navigation System                                                                                                                             49

Iwen D.
Horizontal Accuracy Issues During MBES Surveys                                                                           65

Specht C., Skóra M.
Planning GPS Measurements of a Linear Object for a Specified Time Interval                                75

Drwięga K., Gucma L., Gralak R.
Method for Reserve Determination of Static and Dynamic List of Bulk Carriers
Applied to the Dynamic Under Keel Clearance System in the Port of Świnoujście                           89

Narloch A., Kołaczyński S.
The Impact of Developed Polinominal on Accuracy of Setting Down 
a Position's Coordinates based on Measurements of Two Bearings                                               103

Jurdziński M.
Causes of Ships Groundings in Terms of Integrated Navigation Model                                          119

Naus K., Zwolan P.
ABPP Motion Simulator Based on 3D ENC

Życzkowski M.
Method of Routing Ships in Dedicated Environment

Lamparski J.
Proposition of Ionospheric Grid in Navigation Satellite System Beidou

Gucma L., Bąk A., Sokołowska S.
Stochastic Model of Ships Traffic Capacity and Congestion -
Validation by Real Ships Traffic Data on Świnoujście - Szczecin Waterway

Zalewski J., Milewski S., Zabłotny M.
Assessment of Possibilities to Use Thermal Imaging Cameras for Air Traffic Control

Dzikowski R., Marcjan K. 
Analysis of Ship Traffic Over Subsea Pipeline in the Gdańska Bay Area                   

Gucma M., Hatłas P. 
Data Exchange Protocol in REPSAIL                                                                      

Lisaj A., Smacki A., Uriasz J. 
The BICS - Advanced Method of the Electronic Ship Reporting for the RIS Centre

Kałkowska E. 
Woman on board - Female Perspective

Zwolak K., Felski A. 
Current State of Deep Ocean Bathymetric Exploration

Boć R., Gucma L., Bąk A. 
The Modernization of the Mrzeżyno Seaport. Applying Simulation Studies
to Define the Variants of the Expansion of the Entrance Breakwater

Jafernik H., Ćwiklak J., Krasuski K., Kozuba J. 
Application of IGS Products for Air Navigation            

Koszelew J., Wołejsza P. 
Determination of the Last Moment Manoeuvre for Collision Avoiding
Using Standards for Ships Manoeuvrability                                                                                   301

Jarząbek D., Juszkiewicz W. 
Analysis of the Impact of Weather Conditions on the Effectiveness
of Oil Spill Recovery Operation in Simulated Conditions (PISCES II)                                           315

Wołejsza P., Koszelew J. 
Implementation of Anti-collision System on m/f Wawel                                                                 327


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